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74 Save language metadata information in file format file Rina2014.01.2697230
73 Encoding mode and lossless encoding method of libx264 (H.264) codec 2 file Rina2014.01.26594321
72 About compression ratio and video codec 능소화2014.02.19267631
71 ◆ About Encoding Pass ... 능소화2014.03.11127830
70 ◆ Preferences Glossary 능소화2014.03.11181650
69 FFmpeg option (including English and Korean) 4 file 능소화2014.03.17225391
68 Making the Logo Transparent, Fixed the problem of leaving black in 'fade in and out' 2 file Rina2014.08.1361530
67 Find the right sound volume value and amplify the sound volume 3 file Rina2014.08.21164022
66 [How to fix errors when running the program] Please install the .NET Framework 능소화2014.09.0550420
65 Effective bitrate interval in AAC codec, OPUS codec 1 file Rina2014.10.20192072
64 How to encode the original video to make it look smooth 1 Rina2015.07.19137912
63 How to copy audio and embedded subtitles / video streams and set the language 4 file 능소화2016.11.19130880
62 Hls encoding for streaming 2 rocoroco2016.12.2538981
61 How to increase webm VP9 encoding speed 1 file 마소리스2017.01.1877030
60 This is a workaround when the CPU utilization is less than 100% from 8 threads. 쩌는사냐인코더2017.03.1186940
59 About Error Detection Type in MKV format (including deletion method) file Rina2017.03.1431300
58 ※ Setting method / Preset file included ※ ShanaEncoder external subtitle Mux function added [v 4.5.1] 9 file 능소화2017.03.30150782
57 [TIP] Back to the existing 'cute girl' icon 1 file 유밍2017.03.3082360
56 Insert metadata, chapter information 1 file Rina2017.04.0234372
55 Specifying the default playback audio when playing with the built-in 2Audio player file 능소화2017.04.0942311
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