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  1. This board is for users of the ShanaEncoder international version

    Date2019.07.24 ByRina Reply4 Views934 Votes1
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  2. 可以添加 RMVB RM 解码吗 

    Date2021.04.11 CategorySimplified Chinese Bysouyouzi Reply0 Views357 Votes0
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  3. Can't load videos into Shana Encoder

    Date2021.04.03 CategoryEnglish ByRushdy Reply1 Views540 Votes0
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  4. How to edit and add translation on exist translation?

    Date2021.03.30 CategoryEnglish Bysylas Reply5 Views772 Votes0
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  5. 能不能在主界面增加快速分割/裁剪按钮

    Date2021.03.30 CategorySimplified Chinese Byjaxonlau Reply1 Views789 Votes0
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  6. Lost subtitle when copy video(just trans audio)

    Date2021.03.17 CategoryEnglish By岚星 Reply3 Views1119 Votes0
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  7. I'm encoding it, and the video's going 90 degrees.

    Date2021.03.14 CategoryEnglish Byㅇㅇㅇㅇ Reply1 Views1148 Votes0
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  8. how to copy subtitle without make it hardsubbed on shana?

    Date2021.01.29 CategoryEnglish BySyXaTz Reply2 Views2220 Votes0
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  9. Subtitle alignment wrong

    Date2020.11.27 CategoryEnglish Bystax Reply3 Views2299 Votes0
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  10. 请问如何设置文字水印?

    Date2020.10.26 CategorySimplified Chinese Byjaxonlau Reply1 Views8806 Votes0
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  11. 支持视频同名下的不同结尾的同格式字幕进行排队压制

    Date2020.10.11 CategorySimplified Chinese Bykedyao Reply0 Views8154 Votes0
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  12. Encoding settings (lost my cover)

    Date2020.10.07 CategoryEnglish ByAT23 Reply3 Views2033 Votes0
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  13. The default audio sample rate is now 48khz instead of 44.1khz

    Date2020.09.26 CategoryEnglish By小樱 Reply0 Views1549 Votes0
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  14. add CPUToolStripMenuItem

    Date2020.09.26 CategoryEnglish By小樱 Reply1 Views1280 Votes0
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  15. 询问下hevc nvenc压制时预设的问题

    Date2020.08.16 CategorySimplified Chinese ByOld_Ripper Reply2 Views9851 Votes0
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  16. 希望可以考虑下使用NVEncC,QSVEncC,VCEncC来进行加速编码

    Date2020.08.09 CategorySimplified Chinese By贝蒂 Reply0 Views11162 Votes0
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  17. I found a windows file explorer bug.

    Date2020.08.04 CategoryEnglish Bychessset5 Reply2 Views1991 Votes0
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  18. 期待增加视频拼接任务列表,在压缩的同时能创建新的剪辑、拼接任务

    Date2020.07.20 CategorySimplified Chinese Byyonfei Reply0 Views7976 Votes0
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  19. Recovering the file list after errors.

    Date2020.07.17 CategoryEnglish ByYar Reply0 Views539 Votes0
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  20. 想请教shanaencoder如何搭配frameserver使用

    Date2020.06.03 CategorySimplified Chinese Byjc Reply0 Views9497 Votes0
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  21. ShanaEncoder passlog72840-0.log.mbtree 2pass的时候settings文件夹占用大量空间

    Date2020.05.31 CategorySimplified Chinese By小樱 Reply1 Views7157 Votes0
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