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Notice ShanaEncoder Translation 8 Rina2021.04.28376140
Notice This board is for users of the ShanaEncoder international version 7 Rina2019.07.24417781
53 English AUDIO missing function (request) bata2020.04.0250480
52 English shanacrop filter issue 2 file Leeroy2021.05.0950100
51 English Recovering the file list after errors. 1 Yar2020.07.1750101
50 English Can you add this function? 1 file wangYu2020.04.0449890
49 English bug feedback 02——abnormal frame rate identification SUSU2022.08.1749390
48 English Support of the aom av01 codec Yar2019.09.1148720
47 English Is It Possible To Transcode Multiple Videos Simultaniously? 1 JensanHuang2019.11.1247761
46 English is there an "optimized web" option ?? 1 aisa2020.04.2947470
45 English AAC Bit rates. 1 chessset52018.10.2347430
44 English ShanaEncoder FFmpeg 1 mak2017.04.0547170
43 English Suggestion2:There are three items av12019.08.2646680
42 English Select Audio Stream for Multiple Files 1 conencted092019.02.2146300
41 English ass subtitles shana effects were all covered, we can not show the original effect 2 小樱2016.06.1645800
40 English shana frame back to Set segmet / crop (Q) 1 pino2018.08.2545680
39 English Please improve hdpi support 1 Tommaso2017.04.1144820
38 English I think output file of first pass of 2pass encoding is unnecessary. 1 Prophet2019.04.2444080
37 English Is the author of ShanaEncoder, LEE KIWON, the college entrance examination? av12019.06.0242880
36 English Request: Select Subtitle Files For multiple files at once " Built in subtitles for mkv files" 1 conencted092019.07.2942131
35 English I want to clip a video file how do I do that with ShanaEncoder? 2 chessset52018.07.1642070
34 English Request: Additional audio feature PeterP2019.09.1841940
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