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Notice ShanaEncoder Translation 8 Rina2021.04.28376880
Notice This board is for users of the ShanaEncoder international version 7 Rina2019.07.24418511
74 English A bug and a feature request 4 mozkan0072019.08.2564010
73 Simplified Chinese 多个ass字幕文件同时支持 file 小樱2019.08.11215960
72 Simplified Chinese gif转换后文件大,可以用palettegen过滤器来缩小它吗? 1 小樱2019.08.05201880
71 English Suggestion: Convenient method of changing picture size 1 av12019.08.0155050
70 English Request: Select Subtitle Files For multiple files at once " Built in subtitles for mkv files" 1 conencted092019.07.2942211
69 English Is the author of ShanaEncoder, LEE KIWON, the college entrance examination? av12019.06.0242960
68 English Can Shanaencoder use DebugFrameSever? ichbinkaiser2019.05.1837950
67 Simplified Chinese 关于无损剪切HEVC的问题请教下是怎么回事? 4 szjcfar2019.05.04256130
66 English I think output file of first pass of 2pass encoding is unnecessary. 1 Prophet2019.04.2444170
65 Simplified Chinese placebo中,处理速率不精准,23.976fps显示0.28X,导致预计编码剩余时间错误 file 小樱2019.03.09187890
64 English Select Audio Stream for Multiple Files 1 conencted092019.02.2146380
63 English Frame bar (Feature request) Swish2019.01.2739080
62 English UTF-8 encoding value for subtitlle style 2 mrbean22019.01.1841630
61 Simplified Chinese Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' and 'probesize' opti 报错这个 1 file 小樱2018.12.26213310
60 Simplified Chinese FFmpeg 4.1 正式发布,支持 AV1 编码 MP4,shanaencoder会更新吗? 2 file 小樱2018.11.15250510
59 English Re-Encode to folder with same basename 2 MarkW2018.10.2938260
58 English AAC Bit rates. 1 chessset52018.10.2347530
57 English Shana Encoder and Panasonic GH5 files 1 sleeze2018.09.1835660
56 Simplified Chinese bdmv m2ts 3d资源播放出来怎么是2D的,没有加载SSIF信息?如何压制同时保留3D效果。 file 小樱2018.09.01238560
55 English shana frame back to Set segmet / crop (Q) 1 pino2018.08.2545760
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