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Notice ShanaEncoder Translation 8 Rina2021.04.28376090
Notice This board is for users of the ShanaEncoder international version 7 Rina2019.07.24417751
79 English Would like to add task list export and import functionality. cjjdaq2023.07.224670
78 English Window 10 Program Files Folder glitch. 1 chessset52018.07.1640740
77 English Why not add H266 encoding function for ShanaEncoder? ddrio2022.01.2351550
76 English When to add GPU 2PSS qsv 2pass 1 kedyao2023.03.1313550
75 English when doing complex ASS subtitles encoding, the CPU idle rate is high and the encoding speed is low. 2 DetectiveLemon2023.05.079280
74 English Various AAC options? 1 Alexander2014.08.2882380
73 English UTF-8 encoding value for subtitlle style 2 mrbean22019.01.1841550
72 English Translation fix in 1 sylas2022.03.1032480
71 English The subtitle list and audio list are missing more information. file cjjdaq2023.09.151810
70 English The output mp4 sound picture is out of sync error 小樱2020.04.3030590
69 English The default audio sample rate is now 48khz instead of 44.1khz 小樱2020.09.2664130
68 English Support of the aom av01 codec Yar2019.09.1148720
67 English Suggestion: Convenient method of changing picture size 1 av12019.08.0154930
66 English Suggestion2:There are three items av12019.08.2646680
65 English Subtitle alignment wrong 3 file stax2020.11.2762720
64 English Show only available codecs (Intel Quick Sync not available) thoste2022.02.1626780
63 English ShanaEncoder FFmpeg 1 mak2017.04.0547160
62 English ShanaEncoder creates larger files than other encoders using the same parameters 1 file iG0R2022.12.1237780
61 English shanacrop filter issue 2 file Leeroy2021.05.0950100
60 English shana frame back to Set segmet / crop (Q) 1 pino2018.08.2545680
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