English bug feedback 02——abnormal frame rate identification

by SUSU posted Aug 17, 2022


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The video is generally divided into variable frame rate and fixed frame rate. The fixed frame rate usually has only one frame rate parameter. The second variable frame rate has three frame rate parameters, the minimum frame rate, the maximum frame rate and the source frame rate. At the same time, the video has parameters indicating whether the frame rate mode of the current video is variable frame rate or fixed frame rate. However, when I use it heavily, I find that the software is often inaccurate in identifying the variable frame rate, Especially when the difference between the minimum frame rate and the maximum frame rate and the source frame rate is too large.

The software often identifies the error of variable frame rate video as 119.98 frames. After my review, it is generally found that the maximum frame rate in metadata is too large, which leads to the software identification. Finally, a maximum value is given. However, it is found in the file information that the software can actually view the normal frame rate. I hope the author can optimize the way of software identifying the video frame rate and add more calibration links for the identification of variable frame video information.