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  1. 사용 팁 게시판 이용 안내

    Date2020.03.18 ByRina Views1701 Votes0
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  2. Powerful ★ ShanaEncoder ★ Use function properly [Video-audio separation and external audio file insertion]

    Date2017.04.15 By능소화 Views21787 Votes3
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  3. 다중 오디오 동영상 인코딩하기

    Date2020.03.17 ByJKyle Views2191 Votes2
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  4. 기록 보기에서 Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' and 'probesize' options 내용이 있을 때 해결법

    Date2019.09.04 ByRina Views1066 Votes1
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  5. 필터 적용 사례: 로고/워터마크 제거

    Date2020.01.31 ByJKyle Views2547 Votes1
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  6. HDR 영상과 10비트 영상

    Date2020.01.29 ByJKyle Views1701 Votes1
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  7. 색공간과 Bit Depth

    Date2020.01.28 ByJKyle Views741 Votes1
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  8. 샤나인코더 영상 사이즈 변경 옵션을 통한 FFmpeg 필터의 기초 이해

    Date2020.01.27 ByJKyle Views1910 Votes1
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  9. 샤나인코더의 H264 설정과 FFmpeg의 x264 설정 이해

    Date2020.01.27 ByJKyle Views3404 Votes1
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  10. [필독] 비디오 코덱과 기본 용어 (H.264, HEVC)

    Date2020.01.25 ByJKyle Views3055 Votes1
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  11. SRT SMI 자막 인코딩 이용시 한글 깨짐 자막변환 방법

    Date2019.03.14 By나그네3 Views5776 Votes1
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  12. 하드웨어 가속 디코딩을 꺼서 인코딩 속도를 높이기

    Date2018.06.19 ByJKyle Views13631 Votes1
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  13. 샤나인코더와 자막, Q&A

    Date2018.05.31 ByJKyle Views8989 Votes1
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  14. If you using the aegisub, you must set the libass.

    Date2018.01.20 ByRina Views2371 Votes1
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  15. Specifying the default playback audio when playing with the built-in 2Audio player

    Date2017.04.09 By능소화 Views2676 Votes1
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  16. Insert metadata, chapter information

    Date2017.04.02 ByRina Views2232 Votes1
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  17. ※ Setting method / Preset file included ※ ShanaEncoder external subtitle Mux function added [v 4.5.1]

    Date2017.03.30 By능소화 Views12440 Votes1
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  18. Hls encoding for streaming

    Date2016.12.25 Byrocoroco Views2725 Votes1
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  19. How to encode the original video to make it look smooth

    Date2015.07.19 ByRina Views11406 Votes1
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  20. Effective bitrate interval in AAC codec, OPUS codec

    Date2014.10.20 ByRina Views13702 Votes1
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  21. Find the right sound volume value and amplify the sound volume

    Date2014.08.21 ByRina Views11166 Votes1
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