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Notice ShanaEncoder Translation 8 Rina2021.04.28376140
Notice This board is for users of the ShanaEncoder international version 7 Rina2019.07.24417781
33 English import external audio bata2020.02.2041790
32 English UTF-8 encoding value for subtitlle style 2 mrbean22019.01.1841550
31 English How to set up open ssim - rd frds2018.01.1841330
30 English Window 10 Program Files Folder glitch. 1 chessset52018.07.1640740
29 English Request: Set maximum decibel lec2022.02.1239620
28 English Frame bar (Feature request) Swish2019.01.2739000
27 English Dropping files into Shana v4.9.0.1 5 chessset52018.07.0538240
26 English Re-Encode to folder with same basename 2 MarkW2018.10.2938180
25 English Can Shanaencoder use DebugFrameSever? ichbinkaiser2019.05.1837850
24 English ShanaEncoder creates larger files than other encoders using the same parameters 1 file iG0R2022.12.1237800
23 English Encoding Audio to HE-AAC creates shifting of 3 frames KARA2017.07.2737330
22 English Shana Encoder and Panasonic GH5 files 1 sleeze2018.09.1835570
21 English Pause encoding instead of failing with error when disk gets full? 1 Leeroy2022.08.0335440
20 English Translation fix in 1 sylas2022.03.1032480
19 English Direct Copy Audio Error from 4K to 2K mkv 1 Gedeon2020.05.0832220
18 English How to load/ include a "3DLut" in to my video for encoding? 1 gemini22022.03.3131840
17 English Preservation of the list of added video files. 1 Yar2022.07.2931080
16 English Need Help With SubTitles 3 V1rg0_2022.07.0530890
15 English The output mp4 sound picture is out of sync error 小樱2020.04.3030600
14 Simplified Chinese 请问编码错误“Expected number for async but found:-pix_fmt”是什么意思 1 file broacheer2023.02.2430390
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