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psy-rd=2.00 / X265 What This Line Mean?

chroma_qp_offset=-2 / threads=24 / lookahead_threads=2 / direct=1 / aq=1:0.60 / X264 What This Line Mean?

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    JKyle 2020.04.04 04:26

    Well, first of all, making a preset based on a specific file is mostly meaningless. The golden rule is this: adjust filter/encoding settings based on the source file's specific features, such as how many streams the source file has, whether it's interlaced, what the codecs are, what the bitrates are, whether there are artefacts that need to be handled by filters, etc. You need to select appropriate filters and encoding methods (codecs, encoder parameter settings, etc.) only after these things are specified.


    Looking into the mediainfo of your proposed file, we can see that the file is processed by Hybrid (Encoding Gui : Hybrid 2016.05.22.1). This means that the file was probably 'filtered' via either AviSynth+ or VapourSynth, and there's no way anyone can imitate the filter settings from the final output file.


    Besides, there's no 'encoding settings' info in the video stream. It means one of these two: 1) the corresponding metadata is hidden via the x265 parameter setting --no-info, or 2) the file was encoded via a different HEVC encoder than x265. Based on the file name (*_x265.mkv), I guess it's the first case. In this situation, all you can do is just 'guess' the encoding settings based on the mediainfo numbers. I.e. making a preset based on this file becomes totally meaningless.


    In this case, just set the encoder to HEVC and bitrate to 59.9. In order to achieve a higher quality, a slower preset is recommended. Or you can try a 2-pass encoding. Since the framerate is constant, set CFR on. Other video encoding settings cannot be figured out from your proposed file.


    For the audio stream, choose AAC, HE-AACv2. The audio bitrate is 25.6, stereo, and 48.0 KHz.


    Since ass subtitles are included, you need to choose the subtitles and select 'Closed Caption'. Because ShanaEncoder does not support multi subtitles, you better mux the video/audio and subtitles using MKVToolNix GUI after you encode the video file in Shana Encoder.


    Well, I guess that's the best you can get. Good luck.

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    SyXaTz 2020.04.04 10:27


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    JKyle 2020.04.04 12:14

    In this case, yes, you can reconstruct the encoding settings almostly similarly to the original settings, but once again, if filters were applied in the course of the process, no one can retrieve the filter settings. And like I said, just mimicking the encoding settings does not guarantee the final encoded output would be as satisfactory as the original reference file.


    Anyway, here's what you can figure out from the mediainfo:


    Format : Matroska mkv

    Writing application : ShanaEncoder ⇒ ShanaEncoder was used.

    Writing library : x265 ⇒ HEVC(ShanaEncoder calls x265 by this name) was chosen.

    Format profile : Main ⇒ main profile was chosen, (not main10)

    In 'Encoding Settings", rc=crf / crf=28.5 ⇒ 'quality' mode with video quality[crf28.5 was chosen, not the 'bitrate' mode or the 'quantizer' mode


    And for other encoding settings, you need to compare the default 'medium' preset parameter settings with the parameter settings displayed in the mediainfo one by one. This is a tedious job, but if you are familiar with basics of encoding, you can save a lot of time.

    Anyway, x265 medium parameter settings are explained by this onlne x265 manual:

    The 'default' values are the medium parameter settings.

    Looking into the settings, I can see that no special x265 settings were employed other than the default medium preset. (no specific level, no maxrate, whatsoever...)


    For audio, it's kind of easy.

    Commercial name : HE-AACv2 ⇒ HE-AACv2

    Channel(s) : 2 channels ⇒ stereo

    Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz ⇒ sampling rate is 48000

    For mkv files, audio bitrate info is sometimes missing, so you cannot get the bitrate info in this case. Just choose whatever bitrate is good for you.


    That's all. No tricky complicated settings.


    And like I said, replicating other person's encoding settings is totally meaningless. Please learn about the basics of encoding instead.


    Sorry but even if I did this job this time, I'm not gonna do this again.

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    SyXaTz 2020.04.07 09:16


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    SyXaTz 2020.04.09 19:51
    Okay NVM I Found It, But I Still Dont Know This Two Lines...

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