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I want to cut a clip from a video that is 12 minutes long, I want to cut 4:00-5:00 out without re-encoding it. The video file has 6 audio tracks, all of which I want so I can't use an editing software like Priemere Pro. I also don't want the bitrate of the video or audio changed, or the frame rate, or audio sample rate changed as well.
I just want the video to be cut. Is there any way to do this with Shanaencoder 4.9 or other shana Products? (or any other software)

ps I am also looking for  an audio/video stitching software for windows if anyone knows of any.

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    JKyle 2018.07.17 11:28

    I'm not sure if Shana can cut a video with multiple audio tracks. But basically if you want to preserve all the video and audio properties and cut out the beginning and ending segments of the file, always select the 'stream copy' options in the video and audio codec options in Shana.


    That said, I'd like to recommend the apps specialized in cutting/joining video clips when you deal with multiple audio tracks. Bandicut and SolveigMM Video Splitter are two of the kind that come to my mind now. Although they're not free, you can download free trial versions and check out if they serve your purpose.


    Another method I'd like to recommend is to install a pre-compiled FFmpeg binary file from the Zeranoe FFmpeg site and execute ffmpeg.exe in the command window. In this approach, you need to first pick the start time and end time of your desired clip on Shana's Set segment/Crop window by right-clicking the file in the list. Suppose you find out that your desired clip starts at 3.21 seconds and ends at 1 min 12.45 seconds. You can run the following command in the Windows command window to get your segment as output.mkv:


    ffmpeg.exe -i input_video_file_name -ss 00:00:03.21 -to 00:01:12.45 -map 0 -c copy output.mkv

    '-map 0' ensures all the input streams (video and audio tracks along with subtitle tracks) of the input video file are put in the output file and '-c copy' ensures all the streams are copied, not re-encoded. For other options, see FFmpeg documents.


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    chessset5 2018.07.18 12:19

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