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  1. If you using the aegisub, you must set the libass.

    ByRina Views1806 Votes1
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  2. [TIP] Back to the existing 'cute girl' icon

    By유밍 Views4498 Votes0
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  3. Encoding mode and lossless encoding method of libx264 (H.264) codec

    ByRina Views43476 Votes0
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  4. About compression ratio and video codec

    By능소화 Views20193 Votes1
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  5. FFmpeg option (including English and Korean)

    By능소화 Views18401 Votes0
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  6. Powerful ★ ShanaEncoder ★ Use function properly [Video-audio separation and external audio file insertion]

    By능소화 Views18031 Votes3
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  7. aCinema Free Hangul Font

    By능소화 Views16658 Votes0
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  8. ShanaEncoder FFmpeg Options(Version 4.11)

    ByRina Views16268 Votes1
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  9. Movie term quality codec resolution reel group total theorem

    By능소화 Views14902 Votes1
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  10. ◆ Preferences Glossary

    By능소화 Views14746 Votes0
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  11. AMD Fluid Motion 60 frame encoding (real frame rate) setting method (ffmpeg frame interpolation technique)

    By능소화 Views14624 Votes0
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  12. 소장용 고화질 1080p 영상 인코딩 팁

    By퍼플군단 Views13205 Votes0
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  13. Effective bitrate interval in AAC codec, OPUS codec

    ByRina Views12581 Votes1
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  14. ◆ About Encoding Pass ...

    By능소화 Views10992 Votes0
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  15. ※ Setting method / Preset file included ※ ShanaEncoder external subtitle Mux function added [v 4.5.1]

    By능소화 Views10509 Votes1
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  16. How to encode the original video to make it look smooth

    ByRina Views10398 Votes1
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  17. Find the right sound volume value and amplify the sound volume

    ByRina Views10120 Votes1
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  18. 하드웨어 가속 디코딩을 꺼서 인코딩 속도를 높이기

    BysSTSs Views9977 Votes1
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  19. Save language metadata information in file format

    ByRina Views8277 Votes0
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  20. 부드러운 움직임의 60 프레임 인코딩

    BysSTSs Views7478 Votes0
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  21. How to copy audio and embedded subtitles / video streams and set the language

    By능소화 Views6866 Votes0
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  22. This is a workaround when the CPU utilization is less than 100% from 8 threads.

    By쩌는사냐인코더 Views6333 Votes0
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