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  1. If you using the aegisub, you must set the libass.

    ByRina Views1796 Votes1
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  2. [TIP] Back to the existing 'cute girl' icon

    By유밍 Views4478 Votes0
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  3. Save language metadata information in file format

    ByRina Views8275 Votes0
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  4. Encoding mode and lossless encoding method of libx264 (H.264) codec

    ByRina Views43334 Votes0
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  5. About compression ratio and video codec

    By능소화 Views20137 Votes1
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  6. ◆ About Encoding Pass ...

    By능소화 Views10979 Votes0
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  7. ◆ Preferences Glossary

    By능소화 Views14709 Votes0
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  8. FFmpeg option (including English and Korean)

    By능소화 Views18386 Votes0
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  9. Find the right sound volume value and amplify the sound volume

    ByRina Views10093 Votes1
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  10. [How to fix errors when running the program] Please install the .NET Framework

    By능소화 Views3889 Votes0
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  11. Effective bitrate interval in AAC codec, OPUS codec

    ByRina Views12554 Votes1
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  12. How to encode the original video to make it look smooth

    ByRina Views10383 Votes1
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  13. This is a workaround when the CPU utilization is less than 100% from 8 threads.

    By쩌는사냐인코더 Views6324 Votes0
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  14. About Error Detection Type in MKV format (including deletion method)

    ByRina Views2066 Votes0
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  15. Insert metadata, chapter information

    ByRina Views1991 Votes1
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  16. Specifying the default playback audio when playing with the built-in 2Audio player

    By능소화 Views2351 Votes0
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  17. Making the Logo Transparent, Fixed the problem of leaving black in 'fade in and out'

    ByRina Views5041 Votes0
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  18. Blu-ray (Fonts) Set to True Font. (Confirmation of comment part by capacity relation) 3 consecutive uploads.

    By능소화 Views4064 Votes0
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  19. How to set MP3 file bit rate 320 or higher / How to set subtitle size and subtitle position

    By능소화 Views3301 Votes0
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  20. wINDOWS10 멀티 데스크톱

    By정군 Views1057 Votes0
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  21. HD(720p) 이상 고해상도 동영상을 HD의 WebM(VP9, Opus 코덱)으로 인코딩하기

    BysSTSs Views2736 Votes0
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