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  1. X265 Advanced Settings Presets

    By마루 Views9973 Votes4
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  2. Low size_Subtitle_Fast encoding preset.

    By능소화 Views46750 Votes3
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  3. H264(NVENC) 화질향상 0.1

    By문화보호물 Views4336 Votes2
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  4. HDR -> SDR 변환 (H264(x264), FHD, 톤매핑) ( 이상만 해당)

    BysSTSs Views418 Votes1
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  5. HDR -> SDR 변환 (H264(x264), FHD, 톤매핑)

    BysSTSs Views434 Votes1
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  6. 영상에 텍스트 로고를 입히는 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views1625 Votes1
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  7. HEVC(x265) 디테일 개선을 위한 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views6145 Votes1
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  8. HEVC(NVENC) 화질 향상 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views8386 Votes1
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  9. A slow but high quality and low size x264 setting

    ByProphet Views1597 Votes1
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  10. H264 Advanced settings (for backup)

    By리미터 Views17812 Votes1
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  11. High-speed self-caption preset for TV viewing // Support for NVENC graphics card only

    By겨울에냉수마찰 Views7568 Votes1
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  12. Audio / embedded subtitle / video stream copy and language preset

    By능소화 Views4583 Votes1
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  13. All new Sorento 8 inch genuine navigation (uvo 2.0) preset.

    By은비토 Views3283 Votes1
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  14. LG UHD TV - Playing H.264 UHD 4K Files

    By창공 Views5958 Votes1
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  15. Movie 720p 24fps - 48fps / Drama 720p 30fps - 60fps Preset for High Definition

    By능소화 Views14398 Votes1
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  16. 샤나인코더 인코딩 인터넷연결 안되어있어도 인코딩 되나요??

    By초잎 Views1 Votes0
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  17. AV1 제한된 비트레이트 모드 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views352 Votes0
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  18. GIF 움짤 만들기 (수정)

    BysSTSs Views692 Votes0
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  19. 레터박스 대신 흐린 원본 영상을 배경으로 까는 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views1629 Votes0
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  20. HEVC(x265) 2패스 인코딩 프리셋

    BysSTSs Views5287 Votes0
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