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To use hardware accelerated decoding and hardware encoding (AMF, NVENC, QSV) features, check the requirements at https://shana.pe.kr/66540



[Codec Update]

1. Updated the FFmpeg 4.1.4

2. Updated the libmp3lame 3.100

3. Updated the libogg 1.3.3

4. Updated the libopencore-amr 0.1.5

5. Updated the libfdk-aac 2.0.0

6. Updated the libvo-amrwbenc 0.1.3

7. Updated the libx264 0.157.2969 d4099dd

8. Updated the libxvid 1.3.5

9. Updated the libopus 1.3.1

10. Updated the libsoxr 0.1.3

11. Updated the libx265 3.1.1

12. Updated the libwebp 1.0.3

13. Updated the libopenjpeg 2.3.1

14. Updated the libvpx 1.7.0

15. Updated the amf(AMD AMF H.264/HEVC Encoder)



1. Added the logo scale function

2. Added the gif file logo insertion function

3. Added function to restore to default value when program setting file is broken.

4. Added the libspeex audio codec in spx format

5. Added the animation loop count at the webp format (infinite if the value is 0)

6. Added the libgsm audio codec in gsm format

7. Added the libopencore_amrnb and the libvo_amrwbenc codecs in the 3gp, 3g2, mov, and amr formats

8. Added a remove vocals filter

9. Added a donation menu

10. Added the h264_amf and hevc_amf codecs

*** Below are the added from version ***

11. Added the "prevent sleep and turn off display" features.

The default value is prevent sleep.

12. Added the exit program and notification bell features in after encoding.

Like the shutdown pc when using the exit program function, the last setting is saved to the opened preset.

*** Below are the added from version ***

13. The Exit menu has been added from the File menu.



1. Fixed a problem where the logo was not applied on  two or more video streams.

   When setting the logo, the first video stream overlay the logo and only one video stream is encoded.

2. Fixed the problem that subtitles are not displayed when there are spaces in the time portion of the srt subtitles

3. Fixed the problem that subtitles are not displayed when there are more than 3 bytes of invalid characters in the subtitling process of srt

4. Improved srt subtitle processing

5. Improved playback speed from 0.50 to 100.00

6. "Convert" presets are changed to encode at original frame rate and original image size.

7. Changed the default cutoff frequency in the LC profile of the libfdk_aac codec.

   When "bitrate >= 192", cutoff frequency 20000Hz (maximum)

   When "bitrate < 192 and  bitrate >= 96", cutoff frequency 18000Hz 

   When "bitrate < 96", Default cutoff frequency

8. Changed video and audio bit rate input box to allow decimal point input

9. Changed the font in the bottom status bar (recent posts, encoding progress) to bold and pink color

10. Fixed problem where setting of profile, level, and preset in H264 codec setting is not adjusted by mouse wheel

11. Fixed a problem when the hevc_nvenc codec could not be encoded to 10 bits.

12. Changed system shutdown and sleep time from 30 seconds to 180 seconds

13. Fixed the problem where the audio is delayed when encoding the broken video in AVI format.

*** Below are the fixed from version ***

14. Fixed issue in x264 tuning options.

15. When using the shutdown pc, The criteria for saving settings are changed.

Before: Unconditionally save final settings to custom preset.

Improve: Save the final settings to an open preset.

*** Below are the fixed from version ***

16. You can save the After Encoding settings(Sleep, Shutdown PC, Exit program, Notification bell).

17. Fixed a problem where the user should close the View log to listen to the bell when using the Notification bell and View log functions.

*** Below are the fixed from version ***

18. You can choose whether or not to save After Encoding settings(Sleep, Shutdown PC, Exit program, Notification bell).


Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019


Release version and date

v4.9.0.5r2 - Jul 30, 2019





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Download(Download codec library files from web)

SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/shanaencoder/files/ShanaEncoder4.9.0.5r2.exe/download

Shana: ShanaEncoder4.9.0.5r2.exe

* Note: If the codec library fails to download during the installation process,

Save the right files to the same location as the installer. > 32bit user | 64bit user