ShanaEncoder 4.8 *Last supported version for XP/2003*

by 샤나 posted Jan 17, 2018


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Note: To use NVENC, NVIDIA graphics driver version 378.66 or later must be installed.

* Updated the FFmpeg, x264, x265, openjpeg, freetype, vpx, opus

* Fixed a problem the settings does not applied when the combo box was adjusted with the mouse wheel in Quick settings

* Fixed a problem the fps is not output in ShanaFFplay when the PC is on for 24.9 days

* Added the mp3 audio codec to mov, mp4 file format

* Fixed the VP8 codec speed issue


Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8/8.1/10

Release version and date
v4.8 - Jan 17, 2018


Jan 17: 95ABD214BDEE3F6CEB31C44E904FA26D06BB5AA6

Mar 03: 3FFB979E3FF6F931250893872E491B26E3EB4328

Download(Download codec library files from web)

* Note: If the codec library fails to download during the installation process,
Save the right files to the same location as the installer. > 32bit user | 64bit user