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  1. This bulletin board is for users of English version of ShanaEncoder

    Date2019.07.24 ByRina Reply3 Views592 Votes1
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  2. Encoding settings (lost my cover)

    Date2020.10.07 ByAT23 Reply3 Views173 Votes0
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  3. The default audio sample rate is now 48khz instead of 44.1khz

    Date2020.09.26 By小樱 Reply0 Views103 Votes0
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  4. add CPUToolStripMenuItem

    Date2020.09.26 By小樱 Reply1 Views80 Votes0
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  5. I found a windows file explorer bug.

    Date2020.08.04 Bychessset5 Reply2 Views558 Votes0
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  6. Recovering the file list after errors.

    Date2020.07.17 ByYar Reply0 Views265 Votes0
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  7. Direct Copy Audio Error from 4K to 2K mkv

    Date2020.05.08 ByGedeon Reply1 Views672 Votes0
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  8. The output mp4 sound picture is out of sync error

    Date2020.04.30 By小樱 Reply0 Views818 Votes0
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  9. is there an "optimized web" option ??

    Date2020.04.29 Byaisa Reply1 Views487 Votes0
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  10. Can you add this function?

    Date2020.04.04 BywangYu Reply1 Views493 Votes0
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  11. 480P MKV X265 33MB <-- Found It, Just Need Some Answer Of A Line..

    Date2020.04.03 BySyXaTz Reply5 Views838 Votes0
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  12. AUDIO missing function (request)

    Date2020.04.02 Bybata Reply0 Views513 Votes0
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  13. Cropping

    Date2020.03.25 Bychessset5 Reply2 Views273 Votes0
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  14. import external audio

    Date2020.02.20 Bybata Reply0 Views328 Votes0
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  15. Best settings for transcoding 4k HDR content

    Date2020.02.20 Bydaclina Reply2 Views1063 Votes0
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  16. Error encoding when use custom preset

    Date2019.11.16 ByPanji Reply4 Views1202 Votes0
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  17. Is It Possible To Transcode Multiple Videos Simultaniously?

    Date2019.11.12 ByJensanHuang Reply1 Views644 Votes1
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  18. Request: Additional audio feature

    Date2019.09.18 ByPeterP Reply0 Views887 Votes0
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  19. Support of the aom av01 codec

    Date2019.09.11 ByYar Reply0 Views868 Votes0
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  20. Suggestion2:There are three items

    Date2019.08.26 Byav1 Reply0 Views798 Votes0
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  21. A bug and a feature request

    Date2019.08.25 Bymozkan007 Reply4 Views664 Votes0
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