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  1. This bulletin board is for users of English version of ShanaEncoder

    ByRina Reply0 Views407 Votes1
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  2. if you want language pack, please read me.

    ByRina Reply2 Views13099 Votes1
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  3. Best settings for transcoding 4k HDR content

    Bydaclina Reply1 Views59 Votes0
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  4. import external audio

    Bybata Reply0 Views35 Votes0
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  5. ass subtitles shana effects were all covered, we can not show the original effect

    By小樱 Reply2 Views378 Votes0
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  6. Request: Select Subtitle Files For multiple files at once " Built in subtitles for mkv files"

    Byconencted09 Reply1 Views489 Votes0
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  7. Error encoding when use custom preset

    ByPanji Reply4 Views762 Votes0
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  8. Can Someone Making Me An Preset With This Setting?

    BySyXaTz Reply0 Views363 Votes0
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  9. Is It Possible To Transcode Multiple Videos Simultaniously?

    ByJensanHuang Reply0 Views317 Votes0
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  10. Request: Additional audio feature

    ByPeterP Reply0 Views654 Votes0
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  11. Support of the aom av01 codec

    ByYar Reply0 Views487 Votes0
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  12. A bug and a feature request

    Bymozkan007 Reply4 Views471 Votes0
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  13. Suggestion2:There are three items

    Byav1 Reply0 Views620 Votes0
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  14. Suggestion: Convenient method of changing picture size

    Byav1 Reply1 Views614 Votes0
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  15. Select Audio Stream for Multiple Files

    Byconencted09 Reply1 Views223 Votes0
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  16. Shana Encoder and Panasonic GH5 files

    Bysleeze Reply1 Views137 Votes0
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  17. Window 10 Program Files Folder glitch.

    Bychessset5 Reply1 Views223 Votes0
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  18. Is the author of ShanaEncoder, LEE KIWON, the college entrance examination?

    Byav1 Reply0 Views697 Votes0
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  19. Can Shanaencoder use DebugFrameSever?

    Byichbinkaiser Reply0 Views376 Votes0
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  20. I think output file of first pass of 2pass encoding is unnecessary.

    ByProphet Reply1 Views693 Votes0
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